What benefits are there as a Member of OANAPT?

When you invest in the $20 Membership Fee, to become a member of the Oklahoma Association of Neonatal and Pediatric therapists, there are MANY benefits. First, and foremost; OANAPT hosts 4-6 quarterly CEU meetings per year, geared toward Pediatric and Neonatal therapists, to encourage evidence-based, and best practice regarding treatments, and related topics to the Pediatric and Neonatal settings. Another benefit are the quality contacts and resources you receive as an attendee of our Quarterly Meetings/ Annual Conference. Lastly, we are an organization that wants to create a community of well informed and well-resourced professionals in Oklahoma therapies, so we are always looking for members that want to contribute as speakers, poster presenters, attending conference, sharing success stories and more!

Please feel free to email us at with any questions you may have!

Demographic & Member Info:
Once you have completed the demographic questions, you will receive an email with an electronic invoice for $20 membership payment. You may do a 1-time payment OR you may save your card/ bank if you desire. Once payment is received you will become a member of OANAPT, and you will receive information on our meetings, conference and newsletter. Membership period begins Jan 1 and ends Dec 31st annually.